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About Us

AP & Beyond was born from a desire to meet other local creative people and bring them together.

Having lived in the area for 30 years I had a good understanding of the area and felt that Alexandra Park needed a celebratory event. When I was a kid Durnsford Park (Albert Road Rec) was not such a lovely place to go, with uneven ground – no good for roller-blading – smelly toilets and mossy tennis courts! I felt it was time to celebrate the work by local people like Robby Sukhdeo at the Pavilion Cafe in the rec and the fact that there are so many creative people living in the area. It was what the area needed, to carve its own identity, no longer in the shadow of Muswell Hill, Alexandra Park is its own destination!

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After my Father Mustapha lost his battle with cancer in 2010 I needed to keep busy and create something positive and wonderful in his memory, channelling our loss into something for everyone. He would have had a great time meeting all the lovely people I have met and I feel that part of him lives on in me this way.

Setting up Everyone’s Climbing Tree (ECT) using inheritance money from my father, my family has worked hard to bring something exciting to the community, giving opportunities to people of all ages to try something different: we offer art and music workshops, drumming, film-making and other events. Many of the young people that we mentor on ECT projects also help with the running and development of AP & Beyond. They work as part of the skills swap programme at ECT.

AP & Beyond has become our flagship event, bringing the community together, uniting them in the enjoyment of each other’s skills, the beautiful work created by artists and the intimate gigs in people’s front rooms. Something special is happening, and we are all invited!

The event is in its 4th year but I know we are still at the beginning of our journey, there is so much more wonderment and exciting things to come. We are all capable of sharing and coming together to create a fantastic and dynamic place to live.

This year I have been working closely with some great designers to develop the map and leaflet, also we have developed the children’s mini trail
so that younger children, families, schools and community groups can also take part. A mini map is also being produced as part of this mini trail! This element of the trail is free and this year’s theme is OUTER SPACE!

In 2014 we organised AP & Beyond’s first festival event, based in local parks. This year, 2015, sees the return of the open-house element of AP & Beyond. We can’t wait to see you there!


 Our Team

Meet the ECT team who bring the festival and open house to you.

Sonya Sabbagh
Founder and Organiser of AP & Beyond

Arts Director @ Everyone's Climbing Tree
Bringing the community together, working hard to help everyone come together in a celebration of where we live!

Jim Bidwell
Website specialist for AP & Beyond

Director @ Everyone's Climbing Tree - Usually helping out with all things techy for the ECT team... also try to keep minutes at our Directors meetings

Sian Rance of DR.INK
Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Founder of DR.INK an illustration and graphic art company based in North london. Sian will be designing all our posters and leaflets of this years AP&Beyond!