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AP & Beyond | Jamie Masters
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Jamie Masters

“Since we moved to Outram Road I’ve made a series of five board games, mostly in collaboration with my young son, Eddie, each one more ambitious than the last. The most recent in the series, ‘Baxxaqazil’ is a multicoloured, three-dimensional extravaganza that covers the living-room floor: it’s also great fun to play. Other games include ‘Dinosaur Wars’, a simple two-player strategy game with origami dinosaurs as the pieces; and ‘Minotaur’, another two-player game whose board consists of a circular maze with concentric revolvable sections.

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In much the same spirit I’ve been designing electronic musical instruments, with the intention of making something musically expressive and rewarding to play out of simple, cheap components. Some of my designs look pretty strange, pieced together out of old bits of packaging and household objects, and the electronics inside are unusual too. Come and try!


Open House Address

35 Outram Road, N22 7AB

Opening Times

Sunday: 12-5pm ONLY



Board Games, Design, Sculpture